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This wiki has information on current and previous systems research areas investigated within the Networked and Distributed Systems and Systems Engineering groups at the School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews.

The current research described here addresses two main themes: distributed and autonomic systems and software architecture and processes.

In the former theme, the ASA project investigates the use of autonomic management in a peer-to-peer based distributed file store; the RAFDA project is investigating the limits of flexibility in object-based middleware; and the Deladas project is concerned with constraint-based distributed component deployment and management. We are also interested in the flexible provision of service oriented architectures and in a recent experiment have developed a dynamic Web Service Composition system called YAWSA.
In the latter theme, the DIAS-MC project addresses the use of multi-dimensional co-design to optimise the design of a sensor network with respect to a specified global cost function (this project also fits into the distributed systems theme). Recently, the ArchWare project investigated the application of software architecture techniques to the design of evolvable systems.

Previous research areas have included orthogonal persistence, structural reflection, garbage collection, type systems and compliant architectures.

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